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We partake in various conservation projects, including nest box production and installation and wild bird rescue and rehabiliatation. We have built special aviaries designed to house Owls and other birds of prey that have been injured by traffic, other predators or in any other accident. We provide a safe, sheltered environment and give them food essential for healing before releasing them back into the wild, close to where they were found. On the occasion that a bird is not proven to be fit enough to be released, a suitable home is found for them, with a certificate from the police. If you ever find an injured wild bird, please take it to your local vetinary centre, (cost free) or contact us immediately on 0772 9768 416.

injured tawny

This tawny Owl is 'Jessica', one of the injured birds that was brought to us following a traffic accident. She was stunned and bleeding. We fed her with plenty of mice and after two weeks she was fit enough to be released back into the wild.

ryan with Mo the sparrow hawk

In this picture, head falconer Ryan is holding 'Mo', a rescued sparrowhawk, moments before it was released back into the wild in a park close to the York Minster. It was found distressed, unable to fly and underweight. On it's release it flew high into the trees, fit to survive and hunt in it's natural habitat.

Owl Boxes

An owl box is an ideal alternative habitat for wild birds like the Barn Owl to nest and reproduce in and anyone can install one. There is no guarantee and owl will inhabit it, however the option is there if an owl is finding it difficult to secure a safe home.