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Static Displays

We offer fantastic static displays and flying shows for all kinds of events, both indoor and outdoor, throughout the year. Ideal for village galas, country shows, parties, promotional events and many other occasions. Admirers are able to hold the birds and take photographs of the experience.



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Flying Shows

Our stunning flying shows feature owls, hawks and falcons in free flight, all enhanced by music. The falconer presents the audience with fascinating facts whilst flying the birds dynamically around the arena. Volunteers are required at times as the demonstrations are interactive, educational and above all, truly entertaining.


(Prices shown are for the events within a 60 mile radius of Ripon, North Yorkshire. Additional surcharges may apply for travel costs and discounts are available. Please ask for details). 


Static Display £120 + "Hold a bird for £2"

Static Display without public handling £150


Static Display and Flying Show £175 + "Hold a bird for £2"

Static Display and Flying Show without public handling £250


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