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Welcome to Owl Adventures, where we bring the fascinating world of birds of prey to life for audiences of all ages.

Based in Norwich, we specialise in providing captivating bird of prey displays, educational school visits, and unique event experiences. Our shows are particularly popular with schools and youth groups, offering an educational yet thrilling encounter with our majestic raptors. Whether you're an educator looking to enrich your curriculum or planning a memorable event, Owl Adventures has something extraordinary to offer.


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Flying shows and school visits

Our flying shows are a spectacle not to be missed. Featuring a diverse array of raptors, including agile hawks, majestic falcons, and enchanting owls, our displays are both entertaining and educational. We bring these glorious birds to life, showcasing their natural behaviours and flight skills. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that each show is informative, providing insights into the lives and habitats of these magnificent creatures. For schools, our visits are tailored to complement the curriculum, making learning an exciting adventure.

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Public Shows and Static Displays

Owl Adventures is proud to present our public shows at various events and gatherings in Norwich. Our static displays allow audiences to get up close and personal with our birds, while our flying shows demonstrate their incredible agility and grace. These events are perfect for family outings, community festivals, and educational fairs. 

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Private bookings

Looking for a unique addition to your private event? Owl Adventures offers a range of private booking services tailored to your needs. Our school visits provide an interactive and educational experience, perfect for inspiring young minds. For weddings, our owls can deliver rings, adding a touch of romance and wonder to your special day. We also offer mobile zoo parties, bringing the excitement of our birds to birthday celebrations and other private gatherings. Additionally, our birds are available for promotional and media work, adding a unique element to photoshoots, film projects, and advertising campaigns.

For more details, visit our Private Bookings page 

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