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Welcome to Owl Adventures, where we bring audiences of all ages closer to the majestic world of birds of prey. 

Whether you're a school looking to provide an educational experience, a youth group seeking an exciting day out, or a couple wanting a unique touch for your wedding, we have something special for you. Our expert team, passionate about raptors, ensures that every event is both informative and thrilling. We cater to schools, youth groups, private parties, and public events, delivering a first-hand, close-up experience with our glorious birds of prey.


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Flying shows and school visits

Our flying shows are a spectacle not to be missed. Imagine the awe as our agile and entertaining birds, including owls, hawks, falcons, and a steppes eagle, soar through the air. These shows are not only visually stunning but also highly educational. We tailor our presentations to align with current school curriculums, making them perfect for school visits. Our knowledgeable staff engage students with fascinating facts and stories about these magnificent creatures, ensuring a memorable and educational experience.

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Public events

Owl Adventures also offers public shows that are perfect for events and gatherings in Southampton. Our static displays and flying shows captivate audiences, providing a unique form of entertainment. We bring our raptors to fairs, festivals, and community events, offering attendees the chance to see these birds up close and learn about their behaviours and habitats. 

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Private bookings

Looking for something special for your private event? Owl Adventures offers a range of private booking services. Our school visits are tailored to provide an interactive and educational experience for students of all ages. For weddings, we offer a unique ring delivery service where an owl can deliver the rings, adding a touch of romance and grace to your special day. We also provide mobile zoo parties, making birthdays and private events truly memorable. Additionally, our birds can be booked for promotional and media work, perfect for advertising campaigns and television programmes. 

For more details, visit our Private Bookings page 

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