School Visits

School Visits to Educate and Inspire

When we are booked to attend a school, we aim to deliver an interesting show, but to also inform the children. We will bring a selection of birds and exotic animals and bring one animal out at a time. Our guides will offer an array of facts about the animal, then help willing volunteers hold the animal. Indoor or outdoor, we can vary the show to suit the environment, whether it's in an assembly hall or outside in the summer sun. Importantly, we have been visiting schools for a number of years, so we are prepared for any questions and any pupils nervous or afraid of the animals. Our school visits are also perfect for other events such as scouts, cubs and other club meetings.

In addition to entertaining, we understand the importance of educating the pupils. We can vary our show for any age, but the majority of our visits are to the younger classes in primary school. This is because we can link our shows to the curriculum, such as nocturnal animals and woodland animals. However, our school visits are perfect for science weeks, assemblies and science fairs. Our experience in delivering birds of prey shows in Yorkshire, the North East & Cumbria means our school visits are stimulating, informative and always safe. 

Birds of Prey Displays in Yorkshire


We can offer our amazing school visits from just £140. For an accurate quote, please get in touch and let us know where you are and all long you should like. We recommend at least an hour per class. We can offer half a day or a full day for any years of pupils. 


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Wedding Services

Make your Wedding Truly One of a Kind

Barn owl wedding ring delivery Imagine the surprise as a barn owl elegantly flys down the aisle carrying the wedding rings to the ring bearer. Our barn owls are well trained and experienced in flying from 'glove to glove' and we have been providing this service all over the UK for over 12 years. 

Wedding reception owl handling Amaze your guests and provide an exciting photo opportunity with our multiple bird of prey handling session, usually done in-between the service and wedding breakfast but can take place before the wedding as the guests arrive or during the evening celebrations. This incudes a small owl species, the barn owl, Eagle owl and even a hawk!

Flying Show Entertain your guests with our fascinating, interactive flying show. Watch as the barn owl flys 'hand to hand' between the guests, enjoy the Eagle owl comically walking around and flying to the perch displaying its 6 foot wing span and marvel at the hawk as it swoops down from a high height. 


Eagle owl being held by the bride




Prices shown are for weddings within a 60 mile radius of Ripon, North Yorkshire. Surcharges may apply for weddings outside that area. The offers below are subject to availability, please contact us to check your date is available. 

  • Barn Owl Wedding Ring Delivery - £300
  • Wedding Reception owl handling  - £300
  • Flying show   - £300
  • Full Package (All three options above combined) - £450

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Wedding events, Birds of Prey Displays in Yorkshire



Mobile Zoo Parties

Brighten up your Birthday or Special Event

We also offer a mobile zoo party which is perfect for birthdays and other special events. Placing a bigger emphasis on the entertainment aspect, one of our guides will come and help children of all ages interact with the birds. Holding the birds, taking pictures and watching the birds fly are all some of the activities the children can do. Indoor or outdoor, a mobile zoo party is a safe and exciting way to keep many children entertained. Get in touch for more information about our mobile zoo parties and birds of prey shows in Yorkshire, The North East & Cumbria.

Jungle Animal Encounters

When we are booked, we will also bring along our exotic animal collection at no extra cost. Featuring various creatures from various lands, children can get to touch and hold beautiful snakes, massive tarantulas and fascinating lizards. Why not mixed it and add some owls too? These various fascinating animals are sure to hold any child's attention. 


From just £120 (distant fees may be required)

  • Mobile Zoo Party - Upto 90 minutes
  • £20 per additional hour.

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Promotion and Media Services

Available for Advertising, Programming and Promotional Events

In the past we have worked with various clients on photoshoots for fashion brands, promotional materials for men's grooming products and with ITV for pre-recorded broadcast material. The client can pick from a number of falcons, birds and exotic animals for their operation. Our practice in delivering many birds of prey shows in Yorkshire, The North East & Cumbria, means our friendly guides are well trained and will always be at hand to help the client successfully complete their project when using the bird. If the media work is for broadcast, our head Falconer Ryan Stocks can attend the project and deliver interesting facts and information about the animals.

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